Matt's graduation pic 2007

Matt's graduation pic 2007

Monday, March 9, 2015


On November 15, 2008, Matthew Row was killed in an industrial accident at the age of 39. He left behind a wife, Andrea, and their two young children. At the time of the accident, their son Jacob was four years old, and their daughter Sydney was 18 months.

Shortly afterward, Matt's co-workers organized an annual 5K in his honor called the Run For Row to fund a trust that was originally set up to raise money for the children's college education. This 5K has been an annual event since 2009 and takes place on the third Sunday of every August at Como Park in Lancaster, New York.

In 2014, Run For Row became a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, thus becoming "The Matthew R. Row Scholarship Foundation." A decision was made that the money raised going forward will fund college scholarships for students who have also lost a parent.

Education was very important to Matt who worked diligently for his degree while raising a family and working full-time. After eight years of going to college part-time (and taking a year off to get married and build a house), he graduated with his Bachelors Degree about a week before his daughter's birth, and had just begun the pursuit of his Masters Degree. Part of his motivation was to provide a positive example to his children. He was an amazing husband, father, son, friend, co-worker, and was loved and respected by everyone that knew him.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to supplement the funds from Run For Row 5K so that the Foundation can offer a more substantial scholarship to the students awarded. At this time, we are planning to award a scholarship to two students per year in the amount of $2,500 each, as well as a campership to Camp Widow through Soaring Spirits International for their remaining parent. We are in the early stages of this process and are still working out all the details. Matt would be extremely proud of this endeavor!

Anyone who is interested in participating in the Run for Row 5K can register for the event through the website. This 5K is known for having one of the best after-parties in the area, including raffles and 50/50 splits, DJ spinning great tunes, beer, and of course, wonderful people.  We hope you consider joining us!

Thank you all for your love and support, and keeping Matt's legacy alive!